ECHL Saves Of The Week | January 22-28, 2024


ECHL Saves Of The Week:

1. Iowa Heartlanders' goaltender Hunter Jones showcases his agility and strength, powering across the ice for a spectacular pad save, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats!

2. Facing a daunting 2-on-0, Trevor Gorsuch rises to the occasion with unmatched skill, captivating the audience with a sensational glove save that leaves onlookers in awe of his reflexes and timing.

3. After a risky turnover, Vyacheslav Peksa stands as the Newfoundland Growlers' last line of defense against a threatening 2-on-1 attack by the Maine Mariners. With remarkable poise, Peksa executes a phenomenal toe save, maintaining a 0-0 deadlock and showcasing his critical role in the team's resilience.