2018-19 WCHA Season Calendar
Austin, TX
Jan 1 - May 1, 2019

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*Schedule is subject to change. Check back often for updates.

2018-19 WCHA Women's Live Streaming Schedule





ClarksonBemidji State9/28/18Watch Replay
Boston CollegeMinnesota Duluth9/28/18Watch Replay
RPIMinnesota State9/29/18Watch Replay
ClarksonBemidji State9/29/18Watch Replay
Boston CollegeMinnesota Duluth9/29/18Watch Replay
RPIMinnesota State9/30/18Watch Replay
RITSt. Cloud State10/5/18Watch Replay
MinnesotaMinnesota Duluth10/5/18Watch Replay
MinnesotaMinnesota Duluth10/6/18Watch Replay
MinnesotaSt. Cloud State10/12/18Watch Live
Minnesota State
Ohio State
10/12/18Watch Replay
Minnesota State
Ohio State
10/13/18Watch Replay
St. Cloud State
Watch Replay
Minnesota Duluth
10/13/18Watch Replay
Minnesota Duluth
10/14/18Watch Replay
Bemidji StateMinnesota Duluth10/19/18Watch Replay
St. Cloud StateMinnesota State10/19/18Watch Live
Bemidji StateMinnesota Duluth10/20/18Watch Replay
St. Cloud StateMinnesota State10/20/18Watch Replay
Minnesota StateBemidji State10/26/18Watch Replay
Minnesota DuluthSt. Cloud State10/26/18Watch Replay
Minnesota StateBemidji State10/27/18Watch Replay
Minnesota DuluthSt. Cloud State10/27/18Watch Replay
Watch Replay
Watch Replay
WisconsinMinnesota State11/2/18Watch Replay
St. Cloud State
Ohio State
11/2/18Watch Replay
St. Cloud State
Ohio State
11/3/18Watch Replay
WisconsinMinnesota State11/3/18Watch Replay
Minnesota WhitecapsMinnesota Duluth11/3/18Watch Replay
Ohio StateBemidji State11/9/18Watch Live
Ohio StateBemidji State11/10/18Watch Live
Minnesota Duluth
Ohio State
11/16/18Watch Live
Bemidji State 
11/16/18Watch Live
Minnesota Duluth
Ohio State
11/17/18Watch Live
Bemidji State 
11/17/18Watch Live
MinnesotaSt. Cloud State11/17/18Watch Live
St. Cloud State
11/18/18Watch Live
St. Cloud StateBemidji State11/20/18Watch Live
St. Cloud StateBemidji State11/30/18Watch Live
St. Cloud StateBemidji State12/1/18Watch Live
Ohio StateMinnesota State12/1/18Watch Live
Ohio StateMinnesota State12/2/18Watch Live
WisconsinSt. Cloud State12/7/18Watch Live
Minnesota StateMinnesota Duluth12/7/18Watch Live
WisconsinSt. Cloud State12/8/18Watch Live
Minnesota StateMinnesota Duluth12/8/18Watch Live
LindenwoodSt. Cloud State12/29/18Watch Live
LindenwoodSt. Cloud State12/30/18Watch Live
UnionBemidji State1/4/19Watch Live
UnionBemidji State1/5/19Watch Live
Minnesota StateSt. Cloud State1/5/19Watch Live
Minn. State/SCSUMinnesota Duluth1/6/19Watch Live
Minnesota DuluthBemidji State1/11/19Watch Live
MinnesotaMinnesota State1/11/19Watch Live
Minnesota DuluthBemidji State1/12/19Watch Live
MinnesotaMinnesota State1/12/19Watch Live
Minnesota StateSt. Cloud State1/18/19Watch Live
Ohio StateMinnesota Duluth1/18/19Watch Live
Minnesota StateBemidji State1/19/19Watch Live
Ohio StateMinnesota Duluth1/19/19Watch Live
QuinnipiacMinnesota Duluth1/25/19Watch Live
Bemidji StateMinnesota State1/25/19Watch Live
QuinnipiacMinnesota Duluth1/26/19Watch Live
Bemidji StateMinnesota State1/26/19Watch Live
Ohio StateSt. Cloud State2/1/19Watch Live
WisconsinBemidji State2/1/19Watch Live
Minnesota WhitecapsMinnesota State2/2/19Watch Live
Ohio StateSt. Cloud State2/2/19Watch Live
WisconsinBemidji State2/2/19Watch Live
Minnesota StateSt. Cloud State2/5/19Watch Live
St. Cloud StateMinnesota Duluth2/8/19Watch Live
St. Cloud StateMinnesota Duluth2/9/19Watch Live
WisconsinMinnesota Duluth2/15/19Watch Live
Bemidji StateSt. Cloud State2/15/19Watch Live
WisconsinMinnesota Duluth2/16/19Watch Live
Bemidji StateSt. Cloud State2/16/19Watch Live
MinnesotaBemidji State2/22/19Watch Live
Minnesota DuluthMinnesota State2/22/19Watch Live
MinnesotaBemidji State2/23/19Watch Live
Minnesota DuluthMinnesota State2/23/19Watch Live
#7 Seed#2 Seed3/1/19Watch Live
#6 Seed#3 Seed3/1/19Watch Live
#5 Seed#4 Seed3/1/19Watch Live
#7 Seed#2 Seed3/2/19Watch Live
#6 Seed#3 Seed3/2/19Watch Live
#5 Seed#4 Seed3/2/19Watch Live
#7 Seed#2 Seed3/3/19Watch Live
#6 Seed#3 Seed3/3/19Watch Live
#5 Seed#4 Seed3/3/19Watch Live
#4 Remaining Seed#1 Remaining Seed3/9/19Watch Live
#3 Remaining Seed#2 Remaining Seed3/9/19Watch Live
Semi #1 winnerSemi #2 winner3/10/19Watch Live