2018-19 WCHA Season Calendar
Austin, TX
Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2018

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2018-19 WCHA Men's Live Streaming Schedule





Simon FraserAlaska9/29/18Watch Replay
Mount RoyalMinnesota State10/6/18Watch Replay
Michigan Tech Black Gold Intrasquad
10/6/18Watch Replay
U.S. Under-18 TeamFerris State10/6/18Watch Replay
LakeheadBemidji State10/6/18Watch Replay
Colorado CollegeAlaska Anchorage10/6/18Watch Replay
LethbridgeFerris State10/7/18Watch Replay
Colorado CollegeAlaska Anchorage10/7/18Watch Replay
Northern Michigan
Michigan State
10/12/18Watch Live
NipissingLake Superior State10/12/18Watch Live
St. Cloud StateAlaska10/12/18Watch Live
Boston UniversityMinnesota State10/12/18Watch Live
North DakotaBemidji State10/12/18Watch Live
Western MichiganFerris State10/12/18Watch Live
Minnesota DuluthMichigan Tech10/12/18Watch Live
Northern Michigan
Michigan State
10/13/18Watch Live
NipissingLake Superior State10/13/18Watch Live
St. Cloud StateAlaska10/13/18Watch Live
Boston UniversityMinnesota State10/13/18Watch Live
Minnesota DuluthMichigan Tech10/13/18Watch Live
Robert MorrisBowling Green10/14/18Watch Live
Arizona StateAlabama Huntsville10/19/18Watch Live
MercyhurstFerris State10/19/18Watch Live
Arizona StateAlabama Huntsville10/20/18Watch Live
MercyhurstFerris State10/20/18Watch Live
Western MichiganBowling Green10/23/18Watch Live
AlaskaMinnesota State10/26/18Watch Live
Lake Superior StateAlabama Huntsville10/26/18Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageFerris State10/26/18Watch Live
Bemidji StateNorthern Michigan10/26/18Watch Live
Bowling Green
Ohio State
Watch Live
AlaskaMinnesota State10/27/18Watch Live
Michigan Tech
Watch Live
Lake Superior StateAlabama Huntsville10/27/18Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageFerris State10/27/18Watch Live
Bemidji StateNorthern Michigan10/27/18Watch Live
Ohio StateBowling Green10/27/18Watch Live
Bemidji StateAlaska Anchorage11/2/18Watch Live
Michigan TechAlabama Huntsville11/2/18Watch Live
MichiganLake Superior State11/2/18Watch Live
Northern MichiganBowling Green11/2/18Watch Live
Ferris State
Michigan State
11/2/18Watch Live
Bemidji StateAlaska Anchorage11/3/18Watch Live
Michigan TechAlabama Huntsville11/3/18Watch Live
MinnesotaMinnesota State11/3/18Watch Live
MichiganLake Superior State11/3/18Watch Live
Michigan StateFerris State11/3/18Watch Live
Northern MichiganBowling Green11/3/18Watch Live
Bowling GreenAlaska Anchorage11/9/18Watch Live
MerrimackBemidji State11/9/18Watch Live
AlaskaLake Superior State11/9/18Watch Live
CornellNorthern Michigan11/9/18Watch Live
Michigan TechFerris State11/9/18Watch Live
Bowling GreenAlaska Anchorage11/10/18Watch Live
MerrimackBemidji State11/10/18Watch Live
AlaskaLake Superior State11/10/18Watch Live
CornellNorthern Michigan11/10/18Watch Live
Michigan TechFerris State11/10/18Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleAlaska11/16/18Watch Live
Ferris StateMinnesota State11/16/18Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageNorthern Michigan11/16/18Watch Live
Lake Superior StateBowling Green11/16/18Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleAlaska11/17/18Watch Live
Ferris StateMinnesota State11/17/18Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageNorthern Michigan11/17/18Watch Live
Lake Superior StateBowling Green11/17/18Watch Live
Minnesota StateBemidji State11/23/18Watch Live
AlaskaMichigan Tech11/23/18Watch Live
Northern MichiganLake Superior State11/23/18Watch Live
Minnesota StateBemidji State11/24/18Watch Live
AlaskaMichigan Tech11/24/18Watch Live
Northern MichiganLake Superior State11/24/18Watch Live
Ferris StateAlaska11/30/18Watch Live
Bemidji StateMichigan Tech11/30/18Watch Live
Minnesota StateLake Superior State11/30/18Watch Live
Bowling GreenAlabama Huntsville12/1/18Watch Live
Ferris StateAlaska12/1/18Watch Live
Bemidji StateMichigan Tech12/1/18Watch Live
Minnesota StateLake Superior State12/1/18Watch Live
Bowling GreenAlabama Huntsville12/2/18Watch Live
Lake Superior StateAlaska12/7/18Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleBemidji State12/7/18Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageMinnesota State12/7/18Watch Live
Bowling GreenFerris State12/7/18Watch Live
Michigan TechNorthern Michigan12/7/18Watch Live
Lake Superior StateAlaska12/8/18Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleBemidji State12/8/18Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageMinnesota State12/8/18Watch Live
Bowling GreenFerris State12/8/18Watch Live
Northern MichiganMichigan Tech12/8/18Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageBemidji State12/14/18Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleMichigan Tech12/14/18Watch Live
Ferris StateNorthern Michigan12/14/18Watch Live
Minnesota StateBowling Green12/14/18Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageBemidji State12/15/18Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleMichigan Tech12/15/18Watch Live
Ferris StateNorthern Michigan12/15/18Watch Live
Minnesota StateBowling Green12/15/18Watch Live
WindsorBowling Green12/30/18Watch Live
MichiganMichigan Tech12/30/18Watch Live
Michigan StateLake Superior State12/30/18Watch Live
Michigan State/Lake Superior StateMichigan Tech12/31/18Watch Live
Michigan/Michigan TechLake Superior State12/31/18Watch Live
Bemidji StateBowling Green1/3/19Watch Live
Lake Superior StateAlaska Anchorage1/4/19Watch Live
Northern MichiganAlaska1/4/19Watch Live
Ferris StateAlabama Huntsville1/4/19Watch Live
Michigan TechMinnesota State1/4/19Watch Live
Bemidji StateBowling Green1/4/19Watch Live
Lake Superior StateAlaska Anchorage1/5/19Watch Live
Northern MichiganAlaska1/5/19Watch Live
Ferris StateAlabama Huntsville1/5/19Watch Live
Michigan TechMinnesota State1/5/19Watch Live
Northern MichiganAlaska Anchorage1/11/19Watch Live
AlaskaBemidji State1/11/19Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleLake Superior State1/11/19Watch Live
Bowling GreenMichigan Tech1/11/19Watch Live
Minnesota StateFerris State1/11/19Watch Live
AlaskaBemidji State1/12/19Watch Live
Northern MichiganAlaska Anchorage1/12/19Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleLake Superior State1/12/19Watch Live
Bowling GreenMichigan Tech1/12/19Watch Live
Minnesota StateFerris State1/12/19Watch Live
Bowling GreenAlaska1/18/19Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageAlabama Huntsville1/18/19Watch Live
Lake Superior StateMinnesota State1/18/19Watch Live
Michigan TechBemidji State1/18/19Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageAlabama Huntsville1/19/19Watch Live
Bowling GreenAlaska1/19/19Watch Live
Lake Superior StateMinnesota State1/19/19Watch Live
Michigan TechBemidji State1/19/19Watch Live
Michigan TechAlaska Anchorage1/25/19Watch Live
AlaskaAlabama Huntsville1/25/19Watch Live
Bemidji StateLake Superior State1/25/19Watch Live
Minnesota StateNorthern Michigan1/25/19Watch Live
Ferris StateBowling Green1/25/19Watch Live
Michigan TechAlaska Anchorage1/26/19Watch Live
AlaskaAlabama Huntsville1/26/19Watch Live
Bemidji StateLake Superior State1/26/19Watch Live
Ferris StateBowling Green1/26/19Watch Live
Minnesota StateNorthern Michigan1/26/19Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleMinnesota State2/1/19Watch Live
Bowling GreenNorthern Michigan2/1/19Watch Live
Lake Superior StateFerris State2/1/19Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleMinnesota State2/2/19Watch Live
Bowling GreenNorthern Michigan2/2/19Watch Live
Lake Superior StateFerris State2/2/19Watch Live
Northern MichiganAlabama Huntsville2/8/19Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageAlaska2/8/19Watch Live
Bemidji StateFerris State2/8/19Watch Live
Minnesota StateMichigan Tech2/8/19Watch Live
Northern MichiganAlabama Huntsville2/9/19Watch Live
Minnesota StateMichigan Tech2/9/19Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageAlaska2/9/19Watch Live
Bemidji StateFerris State2/9/19Watch Live
Ferris StateAlaska Anchorage2/15/19Watch Live
Northern MichiganBemidji State2/15/19Watch Live
Michigan TechLake Superior State2/15/19Watch Live
AlaskaBowling Green2/15/19Watch Live
Ferris StateAlaska Anchorage2/16/19Watch Live
Northern MichiganBemidji State2/16/19Watch Live
AlaskaBowling Green2/16/19Watch Live
Michigan TechLake Superior State2/16/19Watch Live
Minnesota StateAlaska2/22/19Watch Live
Bowling GreenBemidji State2/22/19Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleFerris State2/22/19Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageMichigan Tech2/22/19Watch Live
Lake Superior StateNorthern Michigan2/22/19Watch Live
Minnesota StateAlaska2/23/19Watch Live
Bowling GreenBemidji State2/23/19Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleFerris State2/23/19Watch Live
Alaska AnchorageMichigan Tech2/23/19Watch Live
Lake Superior StateNorthern Michigan2/23/19Watch Live
AlaskaAlaska Anchorage3/1/19Watch Live
Bemidji StateMinnesota State3/1/19Watch Live
Ferris StateLake Superior State3/1/19Watch Live
Northern MichiganMichigan Tech3/1/19Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleBowling Green3/1/19Watch Live
AlaskaAlaska Anchorage3/2/19Watch Live
Bemidji StateMinnesota State3/2/19Watch Live
Alabama HuntsvilleBowling Green3/2/19Watch Live
Ferris StateLake Superior State3/2/19Watch Live
Michigan TechNorthern Michigan3/2/19Watch Live
#5 Seed#4 Seed3/8/19Watch Live
#6 Seed#3 Seed3/8/19Watch Live
#7 Seed#2 Seed3/8/19Watch Live
#8 Seed#1 Seed3/8/19Watch Live
#5 Seed#4 Seed3/9/19Watch Live
#6 Seed#3 Seed3/9/19Watch Live
#7 Seed#2 Seed3/9/19Watch Live
#8 Seed#1 Seed3/9/19Watch Live
#5 Seed#4 Seed3/10/19Watch Live
#6 Seed#3 Seed3/10/19Watch Live
#7 Seed#2 Seed3/10/19Watch Live
#8 Seed#1 Seed3/10/19Watch Live
#3 Remaining Seed#2 Remaining Seed3/15/19Watch Live
#4 Remaining Seed#1 Remaining Seed3/15/19Watch Live
#3 Remaining Seed#2 Remaining Seed3/16/19Watch Live
#4 Remaining Seed#1 Remaining Seed3/16/19Watch Live
#3 Remaining Seed#2 Remaining Seed3/17/19Watch Live
#4 Remaining Seed#1 Remaining Seed3/17/19Watch Live
#2 Remaining Seed#1 Remaining Seed3/23/19Watch Live