picture of Talking Hockey Sense With Chris Peters

Talking Hockey Sense is FloHockey's weekly podcast covering the world of prospects with veteran NHL Draft and prospects analyst Chris Peters.


Talking Hockey Sense: 2024 NHL Draft Prospects Rising And Falling; Listener Q&A

Feb 21, 2024

Following FloHockey's mid-term draft rankings dropping last weekend, host Chris Peters breaks down which prospects have been rising and which ones are falling. Chris also answers listener questions about a variety of prospect topics.

Prospects featured include Tij Iginla, Michael Hage, Terick Perascak, Henry Mews, Aron Kiviharju, Adam Jiricek, Rutger McGroarty, Calum Ritchie, Artyom Levshunov, Macklin Celebrini and more!

Cover Image: Steve Dunsmoor/WHL