Jandric Excels Since Being Signed By The Worcester Railers

Jandric Excels Since Being Signed By The Worcester Railers

It seems safe to assume the Worcester Railers weren't sure what they were getting when they brought in Steven Jandric late last season. He has excelled.

Nov 17, 2022 by Mike Ashmore
Jandric Excels Since Being Signed By The Worcester Railers

It seems safe to assume the Worcester Railers weren't exactly sure what they were getting when they brought in Steven Jandric on an amateur tryout contract late last season.

A proven point producer at the NCAA level with three different programs, the Prince George, British Columbia, native kept it going immediately in March 2022, posting two goals and three assists in his first five games to quickly earn a standard ECHL contract.

"My skill set is kind of just hard work and speed, and that kind of creates offense for me, so it was sticking to what you're good at," Jandric said. "That's seemed to work here."

Has it ever.

Now, he's gone from something of an ATO afterthought to one of the leading scorers on the hottest team in pro hockey, producing at over a point-per-game pace for a Railers team that has shattered a league record with a 9-0 start to the season.

"You know what, it's pretty, pretty cool here in Worcester," Jandric said through a chuckle. "It's nice to get that 9-0 start and break an ECHL record. We started in training camp, and we had some guys come down from different AHL teams, and they really blended in well with the team that we had. 

"'Smo' (head coach Jordan Lavallee-Smotherman) put together a really good team with a bunch of really good guys that are all getting along, and it's been awesome. We're just clicking. It all just seems to be working, which is great."

And, it all seems to be working for Jandric individually, as well.

He's tied for the team lead with five goals in his first eight games this season, something he credits in large part to having a good offseason of training and getting his 6-foot, 190-pound frame in better shape, which has led to increased production.

"I'm from a small town up in northern BC, and COVID hit us a little bit harder, just because there was a lot less private stuff up there, it's all public," he explained. "So, we had to go through the COVID protocols, but with stuff finally starting to open up, I got the proper training.  Coming into camp and the start of the season ready, I feel like that really helped out a lot."

Not only has Jandric quickly emerged as someone to watch at the ECHL level, he's also establishing himself as a candidate for a return to the American Hockey League, where the now 25-year-old got a brief taste with a successful two-game stint with the Providence Bruins last year.

"It was good coming into Worcester in March and get a taste of pro hockey, but getting the opportunity to get called up to Providence there for the quick weekend I was there, it was awesome," he said. "You get a better understanding of what they're looking for, and you kind of have to tailor your game more toward that. 

"Obviously, everybody here, it's like a ladder, and you want to keep on moving up. It would be nice if we could keep this whole team together, but everybody understands that everybody wants to move up. We had two guys get called up this past week, actually, and it's tough to see them go, but you're happy for them because it's a really good opportunity to get a look at the next level."

Jandric is hopeful the team's hot start, combined with what he's been able to do individually, will help open some eyes and create that next opportunity.

"Obviously, if you're scoring, you're getting more attention, but for me, it's more creating chances," he said. "Teams look at teams that are winning, and we've been doing that pretty well so far. There are eyes on not just me, but our whole team in general, just because everybody wants to be a part of a winning team."