The Best Ways To Wash Your Hockey Jerseys

The Best Ways To Wash Your Hockey Jerseys

Hockey is a dynamic sport, and players sweat a lot. How they wash their jerseys is important. Here, you'll find some of the best ways to wash your jersey.

May 4, 2022 by FloHockey Staff
The Best Ways To Wash Your Hockey Jerseys

Hockey is an incredibly dynamic sport, and despite playing on ice and in the cold, players tend to sweat a lot because of all the movement that they do.

In some cases, their shirts might even come away with blood stains, due to aggressive fights on the rink. It's no wonder their hockey jerseys get dirty at the end of practice or a match.

But, don't worry. 

With these tips, players can effectively wash hockey jerseys and make them look as good as new for their next game on the ice. 

Turn the Hockey Jerseys Inside Out

First thing first - before putting the jersey into the washing machine, they need to turn their jockey jerseys inside out. Doing so will prevent the outside from coming into contact with harsh detergents. This can prevent color fading and protect the stitching, numbering, wording and crest on the jersey. 

Don't Mix The Hockey Jerseys With Other Clothes

To ensure the jersey preserves its original quality, it's important to wash hockey jerseys by themselves or with articles of clothing of the same color. Otherwise, the jersey can become discolored.

Use Cold Water

Another tip when washing hockey jerseys is that it's crucial to use only cold water. This is because warm or hot water can damage the intricate details of the uniform. 

In addition, it also can possibly shrink the jersey over time. For this reason, using cold water is the best way to clean a hockey jersey. 

Put It On Gentle Cycle

To keep hockey jerseys looking brand new, players have to take the time to properly wash them. That's why when using a washing machine, it's recommended to set the device to a gentle cycle setting only. Doing so will keep the material from being roughed up or potentially damaged.

Check Detergent Labels

In terms of choosing the right detergent to wash hockey jerseys, players should choose a product that's gentle on the uniform's material. A detergent that's color-safe and bleach-free is the best choice. 

Before purchasing the product, they must always check the labels first. Some liquid detergents may contain harmful chemicals that can damage the hockey jersey. 

For this reason, it's important to consider the ingredients list to ensure that one is getting the appropriate product. 

One of the best products that can do the cleaning job well is Persil ProClean Intense Fresh Liquid Laundry Detergent. This not only works well in cold water, but it's also a high-quality and bleach-free laundry detergent that offers impeccable color protection. 

Additional Tip

It's best to remember that when washing hockey jerseys, using a fabric softener is not recommended. This product contains chemicals that can alter the texture of the jersey and lower the overall quality. 

Through these tips, hockey players can effectively protect their jerseys and ensure that they receive utmost care to withstand even the most intense games.