120 Women's WCHA Games Live On FloHockey

Another incredible list of WCHA women's games will be shown live this season on FloHockey!

Here is the entire list of regular season women's hockey games that you will be able to tune in and watch live this season on Flo.

* - exhibition games

DayDateAway TeamHome TeamTime
*Sat9/21/2019Toronto Junior Aerosat MinnesotaTBA CT
*Sun9/22/2019Minnesota Whitecapsat MinnesotaTBA CT
Fri9/27/2019St. Lawrenceat Ohio StateTBA ET
Fri9/27/2019Colgateat MinnesotaTBA CT
*Fri9/27/2019Reginaat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Sat9/28/2019St. Lawrenceat Ohio StateTBA ET
Sat9/28/2019Colgateat MinnesotaTBA CT
*Sat9/28/2019Minnesota Whitecapsat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
*Sat9/28/2019Reginaat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Fri10/4/2019Minnesotaat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Fri10/4/2019Ohio Stateat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Fri10/4/2019Penn Stateat WisconsinTBA CT
Fri10/4/2019Lindenwoodat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Fri10/4/2019Clarksonat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Sat10/5/2019Minnesotaat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Sat10/5/2019Ohio Stateat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Sat10/5/2019Penn Stateat WisconsinTBA CT
Sat10/5/2019Lindenwoodat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Sat10/5/2019Clarksonat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Fri10/11/2019Wisconsinat Ohio StateTBA ET
Fri10/11/2019Minnesota Stateat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Fri10/11/2019Providenceat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Sat10/12/2019Wisconsinat Ohio StateTBA ET
Sat10/12/2019Minnesota Stateat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Sat10/12/2019Providenceat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Fri10/18/2019Minnesota Duluthat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Fri10/18/2019St. Cloud Stateat MinnesotaTBA CT
Fri10/18/2019Ohio Stateat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Sat10/19/2019Minnesota Duluthat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Sat10/19/2019St. Cloud Stateat MinnesotaTBA CT
Sat10/19/2019Ohio Stateat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Fri10/25/2019Minnesotaat Ohio StateTBA ET
Fri10/25/2019Minnesota Stateat St. Cloud StateTBA ET
Fri10/25/2019Bemidji Stateat WisconsinTBA CT
Sat10/26/2019Minnesotaat Ohio StateTBA ET
Sat10/26/2019Minnesota Stateat St. Cloud StateTBA ET
Sat10/26/2019Bemidji Stateat WisconsinTBA CT
Fri11/1/2019Ohio Stateat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Fri11/1/2019St. Cloud Stateat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Fri11/1/2019Wisconsinat MinnesotaTBA CT
Fri11/1/2019Merrimackat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Sat11/2/2019Ohio Stateat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Sat11/2/2019St. Cloud Stateat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Sat11/2/2019Wisconsinat MinnesotaTBA CT
Sat11/2/2019Merrimackat Minnesota StateTBA CT
*Tue11/5/2019Hamlineat MinnesotaTBA CT
Fri11/15/2019Minnesota Duluthat Ohio StateTBA ET
Fri11/15/2019Bemidji Stateat MinnesotaTBA CT
Fri11/15/2019Minnesota Stateat WisconsinTBA CT
Sat11/16/2019Minnesota Duluthat Ohio StateTBA ET
Sat11/16/2019Bemidji Stateat MinnesotaTBA CT
Sat11/16/2019Minnesota Stateat WisconsinTBA CT
Fri11/22/2019Bemidji Stateat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Fri11/22/2019Wisconsinat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Fri11/22/2019Minnesotaat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Sat11/23/2019Bemidji Stateat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Sat11/23/2019Wisconsinat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Sat11/23/2019Minnesotaat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Fri11/29/2019Cornellat Ohio StateTBA ET
Fri11/29/2019Lindenwoodat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Sat11/30/2019Cornellat Ohio StateTBA ET
Sat11/30/2019Lindenwoodat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Fri12/6/2019St. Cloud Stateat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Fri12/6/2019Minnesota Duluthat WisconsinTBA CT
Sat12/7/2019St. Cloud Stateat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Sat12/7/2019Minnesota Duluthat WisconsinTBA CT
Sat12/7/2019Minnesota Statevs MinnesotaTBA CT
Sat12/14/2019Lindenwoodat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Sun12/15/2019Lindenwoodat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Fri1/3/2020Yaleat MinnesotaTBA CT
Sat1/4/2020Yaleat MinnesotaTBA CT
Sat1/4/2020Bemidji Statevs St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Sat1/4/2020Minnesota Stateat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Sun1/5/2020Minn St./MinnDlthvs Bemidji StateTBA CT
Sun1/5/2020Minn St./MinnDlthvs St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Sun1/5/2020Bemidji /St Cloudvs Minnesota StateTBA CT
Sun1/5/2020Bemidji /St Cloudat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Fri1/10/2020Minnesota Stateat Ohio StateTBA ET
Fri1/10/2020Wisconsinat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Fri1/10/2020Minnesotaat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Sat1/11/2020Minnesota Stateat Ohio StateTBA ET
Sat1/11/2020Wisconsinat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Sat1/11/2020Minnesotaat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Fri1/17/2020Bemidji Stateat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Fri1/17/2020Ohio Stateat MinnesotaTBA CT
Fri1/17/2020St. Cloud Stateat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Sat1/18/2020Bemidji Stateat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Sat1/18/2020Ohio Stateat MinnesotaTBA CT
Sat1/18/2020St. Cloud Stateat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Fri1/24/2020Minnesota Stateat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Fri1/24/2020Minnesota Duluthat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Fri1/24/2020Minnesotaat WisconsinTBA CT
Fri1/24/2020Quinnipiacat Ohio StateTBA ET
Sat1/25/2020Minnesota Stateat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Sat1/25/2020Minnesota Duluthat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Sat1/25/2020Minnesotaat WisconsinTBA CT
Sat1/25/2020Quinnipiacat Ohio StateTBA ET
Fri1/31/2020Bemidji Stateat Ohio StateTBA ET
Fri1/31/2020Minnesota Duluthat MinnesotaTBA CT
Fri1/31/2020St. Cloud Stateat WisconsinTBA CT
Sat2/1/2020Bemidji Stateat Ohio StateTBA ET
Sat2/1/2020Minnesota Duluthat MinnesotaTBA CT
Sat2/1/2020St. Cloud Stateat WisconsinTBA CT
Fri2/7/2020Minnesotaat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Fri2/7/2020Ohio Stateat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Fri2/7/2020Wisconsinat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Sat2/8/2020Minnesotaat Bemidji StateTBA CT
Sat2/8/2020Ohio Stateat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Sat2/8/2020Wisconsinat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Fri2/14/2020Bemidji Stateat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Fri2/14/2020Minnesota Duluthat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Fri2/14/2020Ohio Stateat WisconsinTBA CT
Sat2/15/2020Bemidji Stateat St. Cloud StateTBA CT
Sat2/15/2020Minnesota Duluthat Minnesota StateTBA CT
Sat2/15/2020Ohio Stateat WisconsinTBA CT
Fri2/21/2020St. Cloud Stateat Ohio StateTBA ET
Fri2/21/2020Minnesota Stateat MinnesotaTBA CT
Fri2/21/2020Wisconsinat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT
Sat2/22/2020St. Cloud Stateat Ohio StateTBA ET
Sat2/22/2020Minnesota Stateat MinnesotaTBA CT
Sun2/23/2020Wisconsinat Minnesota DuluthTBA CT

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