170 WCHA Men's Hockey Games Live On FloHockey

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Here is the entire list of regular season men's hockey games that you will be able to tune in and watch live this season on Flo.

* - exhibition games



Away Team

Home Team



Sat10/5/19Merrimackat Lake Superior StateTBA
*Sat10/5/19Mount Royalat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat10/5/19Denverat AlaskaTBA
Sun10/6/19Merrimackat Lake Superior StateTBA
*Sun10/6/19Waterlooat Ferris StateTBA
Sun10/6/19Denverat AlaskaTBA
*Tue10/8/19USA Under-18 Teamat Ferris StateTBA
Thu10/10/19Colgateat Ferris StateTBA
Fri10/11/19Alaskaat Michigan TechTBA
Fri10/11/19Denverat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri10/11/19Michigan Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri10/11/19St. Cloud Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri10/11/19Arizona Stateat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat10/12/19Alaskaat Michigan TechTBA
Sat10/12/19Denverat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat10/12/19Michigan Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat10/12/19St. Cloud Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat10/12/19Arizona Stateat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri10/18/19Western Michiganat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri10/25/19Michigan Techat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri10/25/19Northern Michiganat Ferris StateTBA
Fri10/25/19Minnesota Stateat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri10/25/19Alaskaat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat10/26/19Michigan Techat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat10/26/19Northern Michiganat Ferris StateTBA
Sat10/26/19Minnesota Stateat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat10/26/19Alaskaat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Thu10/31/19Omahaat Alaska AnchorageTBA


Fri11/1/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri11/1/19Ferris Stateat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri11/1/19Bowling Greenat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri11/1/19Bemidji Stateat AlaskaTBA
Fri11/1/19Omahaat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat11/2/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat11/2/19Ferris Stateat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat11/2/19Bowling Greenat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat11/2/19Bemidji Stateat AlaskaTBA
Fri11/8/19Minnesota Stateat Michigan TechTBA
Fri11/8/19Alaska Anchorageat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri11/8/19Lake Superior Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri11/8/19Ferris Stateat Western MichiganTBA
Fri11/8/19St. Cloud Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri11/8/19Arizona Stateat AlaskaTBA
Sat11/9/19Minnesota Stateat Michigan TechTBA
Sat11/9/19Alaska Anchorageat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat11/9/19Lake Superior Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat11/9/19Western Michiganat Ferris StateTBA
Sat11/9/19St. Cloud Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat11/9/19Arizona Stateat AlaskaTBA
Fri11/15/19Alaskaat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri11/15/19Bemidji Stateat Ferris StateTBA
Fri11/15/19Michigan Techat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri11/15/19Bowling Greenat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat11/16/19Alaskaat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat11/16/19Bemidji Stateat Ferris StateTBA
Sat11/16/19Michigan Techat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat11/16/19Bowling Greenat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Fri11/22/19Lake Superior Stateat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri11/22/19Northern Michiganat Michigan TechTBA
Fri11/22/19Alaska Anchorageat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri11/22/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri11/22/19Ferris Stateat AlaskaTBA
Sat11/23/19Lake Superior Stateat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat11/23/19Michigan Techat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat11/23/19Alaska Anchorageat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat11/23/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat11/23/19Ferris Stateat AlaskaTBA
Fri11/29/19Bemidji Stateat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri11/29/19Northern Michiganat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri11/29/19Ferris Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Fri11/29/19Michigan Techat AlaskaTBA
Sat11/30/19Bemidji Stateat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat11/30/19Northern Michiganat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat11/30/19Ferris Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat11/30/19Michigan Techat AlaskaTBA
Sat11/30/19Notre Dameat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat11/30/19Minnesota Stateat Minnesota DuluthTBA


Fri12/6/19Alaska Anchorageat Michigan TechTBA
Fri12/6/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri12/6/19Alaskaat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri12/6/19Lake Superior Stateat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat12/7/19Alaska Anchorageat Michigan TechTBA
Sat12/7/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat12/7/19Alaskaat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat12/7/19Lake Superior Stateat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri12/13/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Ferris StateTBA
Fri12/13/19Bowling Greenat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri12/13/19Minnesota Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri12/13/19Clarksonat Michigan TechTBA
Sat12/14/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Ferris StateTBA
Sat12/14/19Bowling Greenat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat12/14/19Minnesota Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat12/14/19Clarksonat Michigan TechTBA
Mon12/30/19Miamiat Bowling GreenTBA


Fri1/3/20Northern Michiganat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri1/3/20Alaskaat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri1/3/20Ferris Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat1/4/20Northern Michiganat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat1/4/20Alaskaat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat1/4/20Ferris Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat1/4/20Lake Superior Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sun1/5/20Lake Superior Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Fri1/10/20Alaska Anchorageat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri1/10/20Bowling Greenat Michigan TechTBA
Fri1/10/20Minnesota Stateat Ferris StateTBA
Fri1/10/20Bemidji Stateat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri1/10/20Lake Superior Stateat AlaskaTBA
Sat1/11/20Alaska Anchorageat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat1/11/20Bowling Greenat Michigan TechTBA
Sat1/11/20Minnesota Stateat Ferris StateTBA
Sat1/11/20Bemidji Stateat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat1/11/20Lake Superior Stateat AlaskaTBA
Fri1/17/20Alaskaat Ferris StateTBA
Fri1/17/20Minnesota Stateat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri1/17/20Michigan Techat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri1/17/20Alabama Huntsvilleat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat1/18/20Alaskaat Ferris StateTBA
Sat1/18/20Minnesota Stateat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat1/18/20Michigan Techat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat1/18/20Alabama Huntsvilleat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Fri1/24/20Alaska Anchorageat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri1/24/20Ferris Stateat Michigan TechTBA
Fri1/24/20Bemidji Stateat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri1/24/20Northern Michiganat AlaskaTBA
Sat1/25/20Alaska Anchorageat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat1/25/20Ferris Stateat Michigan TechTBA
Sat1/25/20Bemidji Stateat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat1/25/20Northern Michiganat AlaskaTBA
Fri1/31/20Ferris Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri1/31/20Bowling Greenat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri1/31/20Michigan Techat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri1/31/20Minnesota Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA


Sat2/1/20Ferris Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat2/1/20Bowling Greenat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat2/1/20Michigan Techat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat2/1/20Minnesota Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Fri2/7/20Alaska Anchorageat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri2/7/20Lake Superior Stateat Michigan TechTBA
Fri2/7/20Alaskaat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri2/7/20Northern Michiganat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat2/8/20Alaska Anchorageat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat2/8/20Lake Superior Stateat Michigan TechTBA
Sat2/8/20Alaskaat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat2/8/20Northern Michiganat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri2/14/20Alabama Huntsvilleat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri2/14/20Bemidji Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri2/14/20Michigan Techat Ferris StateTBA
Fri2/14/20Bowling Greenat AlaskaTBA
Sat2/15/20Alabama Huntsvilleat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat2/15/20Bemidji Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat2/15/20Michigan Techat Ferris StateTBA
Sat2/15/20Bowling Greenat AlaskaTBA
Fri2/21/20Ferris Stateat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri2/21/20Northern Michiganat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri2/21/20Alabama Huntsvilleat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri2/21/20Bemidji Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat2/22/20Ferris Stateat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat2/22/20Northern Michiganat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat2/22/20Alabama Huntsvilleat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat2/22/20Bemidji Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Fri2/28/20Lake Superior Stateat Ferris StateTBA
Fri2/28/20Michigan Techat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri2/28/20Bowling Greenat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri2/28/20Minnesota Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri2/28/20Alaska Anchorageat AlaskaTBA
Sat2/29/20Lake Superior Stateat Ferris StateTBA
Sat2/29/20Northern Michiganat Michigan TechTBA
Sat2/29/20Bowling Greenat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat2/29/20Minnesota Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat2/29/20Alaska Anchorageat AlaskaTBA

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