Full WCHA Men's Hockey Schedule

Before we know it we will get back to watching some incredible WCHA action.

Returning Champs Minnesota State will be looking to climb to the top of the conference once again after having a season that brought in a ton of accolades. Make sure you mark your calendars now so you don't miss a second of your favorite WCHA teams during the 2019-20 season.

All start times are yet to be determined.

* - exhibition game

DayDateAway TeamHome TeamTimeGame Note


Sat10/5/19Merrimackat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat10/5/19Alabama Huntsvilleat UMass LowellTBA
Sat10/5/19Michigan Techat Robert MorrisTBA
*Sat10/5/19Northern Michiganat USA Under-18 TeamTBA
*Sat10/5/19Mount Royalat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat10/5/19Denverat AlaskaTBA
Sun10/6/19Alabama Huntsvilleat UMass LowellTBA
Sun10/6/19Bowling Greenat MiamiTBA
Sun10/6/19Merrimackat Lake Superior StateTBA
*Sun10/6/19Waterlooat Ferris StateTBA
Sun10/6/19Michigan Techat Robert MorrisTBA
Sun10/6/19Denverat AlaskaTBA
*Tue10/8/19USA Under-18 Teamat Ferris StateTBA
Thu10/10/19Colgateat Ferris StateTBA
Fri10/11/19Alaskaat Michigan TechTBA
Fri10/11/19Alaska Anchorageat MaineTBA
Fri10/11/19Bowling Greenvs RITTBAIcebreaker (Toledo, OH)
Fri10/11/19Denverat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri10/11/19Michigan Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri10/11/19Alabama Huntsvilleat OmahaTBA
Fri10/11/19St. Cloud Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri10/11/19Arizona Stateat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat10/12/19Alaskaat Michigan TechTBA
Sat10/12/19Alaska Anchorageat MaineTBA
Sat10/12/19Bowling Greenvs Western Michigan/Ohio St.TBAIcebreaker (Toledo, OH)
Sat10/12/19Denverat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat10/12/19Michigan Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat10/12/19Alabama Huntsvilleat OmahaTBA
Sat10/12/19St. Cloud Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat10/12/19Arizona Stateat Minnesota StateTBA
Thu10/17/19Alaskaat Penn StateTBA
Fri10/18/19Alaskaat Penn StateTBA
Fri10/18/19Western Michiganat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri10/18/19Ferris Stateat MiamiTBA
Fri10/18/19Lake Superior Stateat MichiganTBA
Fri10/18/19Northern Michiganat Boston UniversityTBA
Fri10/18/19Minnesota Statevs North DakotaTBA
Sat10/19/19Bowling Greenat Western MichiganTBA
Sat10/19/19Ferris Stateat MiamiTBA
Sat10/19/19Lake Superior Stateat MichiganTBA
Sat10/19/19Northern Michiganat Boston UniversityTBA
Sat10/19/19Minnesota Statevs North DakotaTBA
Fri10/25/19Michigan Techat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri10/25/19Northern Michiganat Ferris StateTBA
Fri10/25/19Minnesota Stateat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri10/25/19Alaskaat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Fri10/25/19Lake Superior Stateat Notre DameTBA
Fri10/25/19Bemidji Stateat North DakotaTBA
Sat10/26/19Michigan Techat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat10/26/19Northern Michiganat Ferris StateTBA
Sat10/26/19Minnesota Stateat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat10/26/19Alaskaat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat10/26/19Lake Superior Stateat Notre DameTBA
Sat10/26/19Bemidji Stateat North DakotaTBA
Thu10/31/19Omahaat Alaska AnchorageTBA


Fri11/1/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri11/1/19Ferris Stateat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri11/1/19Bowling Greenat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri11/1/19Bemidji Stateat AlaskaTBA
Fri11/1/19Omahaat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat11/2/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat11/2/19Ferris Stateat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat11/2/19Bowling Greenat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat11/2/19Bemidji Stateat AlaskaTBA
Sat11/2/19Michigan Techat North DakotaTBAU.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Game
Fri11/8/19Minnesota Stateat Michigan TechTBA
Fri11/8/19Alaska Anchorageat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri11/8/19Lake Superior Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri11/8/19Ferris Stateat Western MichiganTBA
Fri11/8/19St. Cloud Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri11/8/19Arizona Stateat AlaskaTBA
Sat11/9/19Minnesota Stateat Michigan TechTBA
Sat11/9/19Alaska Anchorageat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat11/9/19Lake Superior Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat11/9/19Western Michiganat Ferris StateTBA
Sat11/9/19St. Cloud Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat11/9/19Arizona Stateat AlaskaTBA
Fri11/15/19Alaskaat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri11/15/19Bemidji Stateat Ferris StateTBA
Fri11/15/19Michigan Techat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri11/15/19Bowling Greenat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat11/16/19Alaskaat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat11/16/19Bemidji Stateat Ferris StateTBA
Sat11/16/19Michigan Techat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat11/16/19Bowling Greenat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Fri11/22/19Lake Superior Stateat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri11/22/19Northern Michiganat Michigan TechTBA
Fri11/22/19Alaska Anchorageat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri11/22/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri11/22/19Ferris Stateat AlaskaTBA
Sat11/23/19Lake Superior Stateat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat11/23/19Michigan Techat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat11/23/19Alaska Anchorageat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat11/23/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat11/23/19Ferris Stateat AlaskaTBA
Fri11/29/19Bemidji Stateat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri11/29/19Northern Michiganat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri11/29/19Ferris Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Fri11/29/19Michigan Techat AlaskaTBA
Fri11/29/19Bowling Greenat Notre DameTBA
Fri11/29/19Minnesota Stateat Minnesota DuluthTBA
Sat11/30/19Bemidji Stateat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat11/30/19Northern Michiganat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat11/30/19Ferris Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat11/30/19Michigan Techat AlaskaTBA
Sat11/30/19Notre Dameat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat11/30/19Minnesota Stateat Minnesota DuluthTBA


Fri12/6/19Alaska Anchorageat Michigan TechTBA
Fri12/6/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri12/6/19Alaskaat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri12/6/19Lake Superior Stateat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat12/7/19Alaska Anchorageat Michigan TechTBA
Sat12/7/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat12/7/19Alaskaat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat12/7/19Lake Superior Stateat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri12/13/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Ferris StateTBA
Fri12/13/19Bowling Greenat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri12/13/19Minnesota Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri12/13/19Clarksonat Michigan TechTBA
Sat12/14/19Alabama Huntsvilleat Ferris StateTBA
Sat12/14/19Bowling Greenat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat12/14/19Minnesota Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat12/14/19Clarksonat Michigan TechTBA
Sat12/28/19Bemidji Statevs To Be AnnouncedTBAMariucci
Sat12/28/19Minnesota Statevs To Be AnnouncedTBA
Sun12/29/19Bemidji Statevs To Be AnnouncedTBA
Sun12/29/19Minnesota Statevs To Be AnnouncedTBA
Mon12/30/19Miamiat Bowling GreenTBA


Fri1/3/20Northern Michiganat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri1/3/20Alaskaat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri1/3/20Ferris Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri1/3/20Alabama Huntsvilleat North DakotaTBA
Sat1/4/20Northern Michiganat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat1/4/20Alaskaat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat1/4/20Ferris Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat1/4/20Lake Superior Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat1/4/20Alabama Huntsvilleat North DakotaTBA
Sat1/4/20Michigan Techat Arizona StateTBA
Sun1/5/20Lake Superior Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sun1/5/20Michigan Techat Arizona StateTBA
Fri1/10/20Alaska Anchorageat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri1/10/20Bowling Greenat Michigan TechTBA
Fri1/10/20Minnesota Stateat Ferris StateTBA
Fri1/10/20Bemidji Stateat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri1/10/20Lake Superior Stateat AlaskaTBA
Sat1/11/20Alaska Anchorageat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat1/11/20Bowling Greenat Michigan TechTBA
Sat1/11/20Minnesota Stateat Ferris StateTBA
Sat1/11/20Bemidji Stateat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat1/11/20Lake Superior Stateat AlaskaTBA
Fri1/17/20Alaskaat Ferris StateTBA
Fri1/17/20Minnesota Stateat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri1/17/20Michigan Techat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri1/17/20Alabama Huntsvilleat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Fri1/17/20Northern Michiganat CornellTBA
Sat1/18/20Alaskaat Ferris StateTBA
Sat1/18/20Minnesota Stateat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat1/18/20Michigan Techat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat1/18/20Alabama Huntsvilleat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat1/18/20Northern Michiganat CornellTBA
Fri1/24/20Alaska Anchorageat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri1/24/20Ferris Stateat Michigan TechTBA
Fri1/24/20Bemidji Stateat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri1/24/20Northern Michiganat AlaskaTBA
Sat1/25/20Alaska Anchorageat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat1/25/20Ferris Stateat Michigan TechTBA
Sat1/25/20Bemidji Stateat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat1/25/20Northern Michiganat AlaskaTBA
Fri1/31/20Ferris Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri1/31/20Bowling Greenat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri1/31/20Michigan Techat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri1/31/20Minnesota Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
*Fri1/31/20Lake Superior Stateat USA Under-18 TeamTBA


Sat2/1/20Ferris Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat2/1/20Bowling Greenat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat2/1/20Michigan Techat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat2/1/20Minnesota Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Fri2/7/20Alaska Anchorageat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri2/7/20Lake Superior Stateat Michigan TechTBA
Fri2/7/20Alaskaat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri2/7/20Northern Michiganat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat2/8/20Alaska Anchorageat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat2/8/20Lake Superior Stateat Michigan TechTBA
Sat2/8/20Alaskaat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat2/8/20Northern Michiganat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri2/14/20Alabama Huntsvilleat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri2/14/20Bemidji Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri2/14/20Michigan Techat Ferris StateTBA
Fri2/14/20Bowling Greenat AlaskaTBA
Fri2/14/20Alaska Anchorageat Arizona StateTBA
Sat2/15/20Alabama Huntsvilleat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat2/15/20Bemidji Stateat Northern MichiganTBA
Sat2/15/20Michigan Techat Ferris StateTBA
Sat2/15/20Bowling Greenat AlaskaTBA
Sat2/15/20Alaska Anchorageat Arizona StateTBA
Fri2/21/20Ferris Stateat Bowling GreenTBA
Fri2/21/20Northern Michiganat Lake Superior StateTBA
Fri2/21/20Alabama Huntsvilleat Minnesota StateTBA
Fri2/21/20Bemidji Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Sat2/22/20Ferris Stateat Bowling GreenTBA
Sat2/22/20Northern Michiganat Lake Superior StateTBA
Sat2/22/20Alabama Huntsvilleat Minnesota StateTBA
Sat2/22/20Bemidji Stateat Alaska AnchorageTBA
Fri2/28/20Lake Superior Stateat Ferris StateTBA
Fri2/28/20Michigan Techat Northern MichiganTBA
Fri2/28/20Bowling Greenat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Fri2/28/20Minnesota Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Fri2/28/20Alaska Anchorageat AlaskaTBA
Sat2/29/20Lake Superior Stateat Ferris StateTBA
Sat2/29/20Northern Michiganat Michigan TechTBA
Sat2/29/20Bowling Greenat Alabama HuntsvilleTBA
Sat2/29/20Minnesota Stateat Bemidji StateTBA
Sat2/29/20Alaska Anchorageat AlaskaTBA


3/6/20 - 3/15/20WCHA PLAYOFFSTBA
3/27/20 - 3/29/20NCAA REGIONALTBA



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