2023 NHL Draft

Matvey Michkiov is a Philadelphia Flyer: NHL Draft Reactions

Matvey Michkiov is a Philadelphia Flyer: NHL Draft Reactions

Philadelphia Flyers selected Matvey Michkoiv in the 2023 NHL Draft at Bridgeport Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jun 29, 2023 by Martina Gil
Matvey Michkiov is a Philadelphia Flyer: NHL Draft Reactions

For the 7th pick of the night, the Philadelphia Flyers select Matvey Michkoiv in the 2023 NHL Draft. 

The NHL Draft No.1 the pick was Connor Bedard for the Chicago Blackhawks. This was followed by Adam Fantilli for the Anaheim Ducks then Will Smith for the Columbus Blue Jackets. 

In the 2022 NHL Draft, the Flyers got the fifth pick and chose Cutter Gauthier. The Flyers have been open about their pursuit of Michkov according to FloHockey’s NHL Mock Draft 2.0. 

Michkov is often referred to as the “Wild Card” of the entry draft due to his diverse skill set on the ice. The dynamic center player could be a valuable asset to potentially any team and the Flyers will be able to use his diverse skillset to their advantage. 

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Matvey Michkiov Is Official A Philadelphia Flyer At NHL Draft 2023

Fans Are Excited To See Matvey Michkiov Work His Magic for the Flyers

NHL Draft Order

  1. Chicago Blackhawks- Connor Bedard
  2. Anaheim Ducks - Leo Carlsson
  3. Columbus Blue Jackets - Adam Fantilli
  4. San Jose Sharks - Will Smith
  5. Montreal Canadiens - David Reinbacher
  6. Arizona Coyotes - Dmitri Simashev
  7. Philadelphia Flyers - Matvey Michikov
  8. Washington Capitals
  9. Detroit Red Wings
  10. St. Louis Blues
  11. Vancouver Canucks
  12. Arizona  Coyotes (from Ottowa)
  13. Buffalo Sabres
  14. Pittsburgh Penguins
  15. Nashville Predators
  16. Calgary Flames
  17. Detroit Red Wings (from New York)
  18. Winnipeg Jets
  19. Chicago Blackhawks (from Tampa Bay) 
  20. Seattle Kraken
  21. Minnesota Wild
  22. Philadelphia Flyers(from Los Angeles) 
  23. NY Rangers
  24. Nashville  Predators (from Edmonton)
  25. St. Louis Blues (from Toronto)
  26. San Jose Sharks(From New Jersey)
  27. Colorado Avalanche
  28. Toronto Maple Leafs (From Boston)
  29. St. Louis Blues (From Dallas)
  30. Carolina Hurricanes
  31. Montreal Canadiens (from Florida) 
  32. Vegas Golden Knights

How to Watch the NHL Draft 2023

The NHL draft first round will air on ESPN, ESPN+ and the rest on the NHL Network.

FloHockey’s podcast, Talking Hockey Sense, is providing breakdowns before and during the draft.