It's Time For A 'Mighty Ducks' Remake

It's Time For A 'Mighty Ducks' Remake
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Next year marks a very special 25th anniversary: the theatrical release of "The Mighty Ducks."

A surprising financial success, "The Mighty Ducks" evolved into a trilogy of sports comedy-dramas that still remain in the hearts of hockey fans both young and old.

The success of Emilio Estevez's Gordon Bombay and his motley crew of Pee Wee players built on their success with "D2: The Mighty Ducks" and "D3: The Mighty Ducks," giving the hockey community the original Bash Brothers, flying-V and triple deke.

And you have to admit, there's just something about Hans' wisdom, Averman's comedic relief and the eventual embracement of cake-eater Adam Banks that always wins you over.

Now, almost a quarter-century old, it's time for the classic to benefit from a modern-day upgrade. The maturity of realism in cinema can help turn the original movie's disrupted continuity into an experience more on par with Disney's most recent hockey classic "Miracle."

A revamped "Mighty Ducks" can dive further into more realistic action, as opposed to the gimmicks of net-tearing slap shots, knucklepucks and an internationally dominant Team Iceland.

Potential New Roles

In a complete remake, Disney could persuade bigger Hollywood names to take over the roles of Bombay and Hawks coach Jack Reilly.

Some things to consider in search for a new Bombay include the age, character and physical appearance that comes with being a once-promising hockey star.

A father-figure type would suit the role best, and could be headlined by actors like Aaron Eckhart, Robert Downey Jr., Michael C. Hall or Jason Bateman.

A new Jack Reilly would need to be a near-opposite of what Bombay stands for--an older, arrogant, patronizing actor with an abrasive side would fit the bill. Some actors that come to mind include Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, Jeff Bridges and Liam Neeson. 

Again, the above A-list actors being included in the remake would mean Disney is all-in for a realistic, modern "The Mighty Ducks."

Coach Conway?

Rather than recreate the entire storyline, imagine Charlie Conway as the new coach of the Ducks. After 25 years, Charlie Conway would be in his late 30s--the same age range as Bombay when he took the reins of the Division 5 squad--and would offer a better spin than a full recreation of the lawyer-turned-coach original.

This would allow Estevez to potentially take a role similar to family friend Hans and offer insight as an older mentor to Conway as he learns to make the team his own.

Additionally, former teammates Lester Averman, Greg Goldberg and the whole gang would have the chance to have cameos as themselves.

After all, is there a better group for Pee Wees to learn from than the original Mighty Ducks who became Junior Goodwill Games gold medalists?
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